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Hello, World! I am starting a new blog. In the last years I have been writing only on my OpenStreetMap Diary. So I decided to start this space to write about other topics like programming, soft skills and some other things I enjoy.

So how does my life look like now? Starting with the professional side, I had been working as a contractor with Mapbox since 2017, maintaining OSMCha, an open source validation tool for OpenStreetMap that I created in my free time in 2015. In parallel, I was also working in the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) since 2018, where I was responsible for the development of two new frontend interfaces: Tasking Manager 4 and OpenMapKit-Server.

I had a good time working on these projects, as they gave me the opportunity to dedicate my time to some of my main passions: open source and OpenStreetMap. However, in June 2021 I decided to search for a new job and do something new. Another decision I made was to stop dividing my time between two contracts and focus only in one job. That way, I joined the Development Seed team in the end of July, as a Map Data Engineer.

I have been following the work of Development Seed since 2014. At that time, I was in my first job as a software developer, working in a project to automate the download and processing of Landsat imagery. So their landsat-util and libra tools served as reference and inspiration to some software I wrote.

Another special aspect of DevSeed is the possibility of working with several friends, some that I have worked with in my first years of Mapbox and others that I met from the OpenStreetMap community.

Currently, Development Seed's main focus is to accelerate the use of Earth data to solve global challenges. I will be working on building tools to collect, manage, distribute and analyse map data.

In the personal level, I am happy living in Salvador, Brazil. And I am dedicating my free time to swimming, cycling by the seaside, watching movies and reading some books. And, of course, I have been doing trip plans to when we have a COVID safe world.

Nice beach in Salvador