Improving OSMCha for the community

Wille Marcel

Who am I?

How did it begin?

What's happening on our map?

Filter changesets & detect harmful edits faster

The first version - list page

The first version - filters page

The first version - changeset page

Redesign process

Redesign process


Current version (since Sep, 2017)

How does it work?

Changeset ingestion

      OSM Changeset Replication files
      Analysis of changeset metadata + user history
      Register on database

Feature ingestion

      OSM Features Diff
      API request to store on database

Last months improvements

Filter by administrative area

Filter by polygon

Save filters

Load them (+ RSS feed)

Read and post changeset comments

API available

Backend improvements

Plans for the future...

Our vision:

Be a central place for OSM community to share and review detections

Next features

Allow parts of Communities to post detections to OSMCha

Make the creation of osm-compare functions easier

Add a rating mechanism for better classification of changesets

If you are interested in

making OSMCha better, please

join us!

Thanks to Mapbox for supporting this work and talk!